Playoff Preview: Stanley Cup Final

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The Penguins Powerhouse offence Vs Predators versatile defence.

They always say defence wins Championships.
This is not always true.

​Pittsburgh can play a solid 2 way or offensive game when they have great goaltending and still ​are able to capitalize on the few chances they get.

Nashville’s Pekka Rinne and their team defence has gotten them to the finals.

The question here is if they can keep it up versus the Stanley Cup Champs.

Anything is possible in hockey.

Rinne has been amazing, but his almost perfect goaltending had a few cracks versus the Ducks, and I can only see those cracks expanding against the Champs.

Penguins offence and depth will be able to score in bunches or just a few clutch goals depending on the game.


Evgeni Malkin, as each game goes and each series, Evgeni keeps quietly putting up points. Leading the playoffs he’s been under the radar as everyone has been talking about Ottawa, Nashville and for the Pens’ Crosby, Fleury, injuries and even Guentzel.


Pekka Rinne, I think I might have said this before that he is slowing down, he can’t keep up this amazing pace that he’s been playing so far in these playoffs.
If he can, then the Preds will win. If not Pens will finish them off for another Cup in back to back years.

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Bryan Rust, he often gets overlooked as a playoff contributor for the Penguins, but Rust has quietly put up six goals and is currently number one for the Cy Young Award (6 goals, 1 assist). Big goals is his MO, GWG and series clincher in Game 7 against the Capitals and GWG and series clincher against the Blue Jackets in Game 5. And nobody should forget his series clincher in the Eastern Conference Finals scoring the GWG and series clincher in Game 7 against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Rust actually scored both goals in the 2-1 victory.


Powerplays, The Predators have a very poor powerplay in this year’s playoffs and Penguins have one of the best. Neither of these teams take very many penalties, both are around 3 penalties per game. Capitalizing on the powerplay when each team gets a chance will be key to who comes out ahead in this series.

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